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Dear Friends


Since I replied to Rand directly, I think I'd better say "hello" generally.


I'm Co-Clerk of my Local Meeting (Brentford & Isleworth in West London) and an elder. I've been a Quaker for about eight years. Before that I was a cradle Anglican, but I finally came to the conclusion that I didn't believe in the Trinity so it was time to go. We’re a fairly small Meeting (about twenty on a Sunday morning) and I guess that the reason why Nominations thought of me for Assistant Clerk was simply that if I’m in London on a Sunday morning I go to Meeting. A lifetime of going to church on Sunday morning means that it’s in my bones – and not all Friends approach attendance at MfW in quite that way. So I reckon that being asked to be Clerk can be a bit like Lord Melbourne’s observation on the Order of the Garter: he liked it because “there’s no damned merit in it”.




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Elizabeth Boardman writes: 


> Rand Hirschi,  this is a brand new list and there are only 3-4 readers that I know of so far.  


>   In San Francisco, we do not have this "joys and concerns" period.  But in Davis, California they do, and I am forwarding your query to my friend Marilee there.  In Ithaca, New York, they do, and Tom Brown is their clerk, as I learned last week when I visited there.  I do not have contact information for him.


>   Best wishes....................Elizabeth Boardman


Hello Friends, 


FYI: There are currently 42 subscribers to Quaker-MM, from various parts of 

the planet. 


At Annapolis Valley (Nova Scotia, Canada) MM, we have what we call the 

"AfterWords". Following an hour of Meeting for Worship, Meeting is closed 

and the cloder asks that, before announcements and social time, if anyone 

would like to share their experience of Meeting for Worship and to say 

anything that they would like to share nut didn't feel led to speak during 

Worship, to do so now. This is done on Worship-Sharing format - i.e. one 

speaks from one's own experience, and does not comment on or respond to 

others' sharing; there is Silence between each person's offering; and each 

person speaks only once. 


This was initially initiaed by our Ministry and Counsel as a way to 

encourage people to become more at ease at speaking in the group, with a 

thought that it might facilitate people giving ministry at a later time. We 

also serendititously found it to be very helpful to new attenders, since the 

Silence did not often give them insight into what people were experiencing, 

or what was possible in Meeting. The variety of experiences shared also 

seems to enrich our connection with one another. 


I think that if you do start up something similar, it is important that it 

be a safe place for those who might be hesitant to speak - ensuring that 

others do not use this as a place to dialogue or debate. If you wish to know 

more about what soemone said, you can go up to them afterwards and ask their 

permission to discuss it. 


In the Light, 





Bruce Dienes 


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